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An Adventure in
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Enter the world of stereographic (three-dimensional) photography that captured the interest of generations, starting in Queen Victoria's time.  Stereography began as a parlor amusement, where images of foreign  landscapes and famous individuals were viewed in wonder, as each scene appeared to come alive in the full depth of perception - so unlike flat two-dimensional photographs
As the twentieth-century progressed stereographic photography began to be used in classroom instruction, optometry and by the military.

Click for 3D image of President Eisenhower & Mrs. Hobby
Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic Museum features photography of the Keystone View Company, of Meadville, Pennsylvania.  Started in 1892 as a one-man business, the Keystone View Company grew into the world's largest producer of stereographic materials.  Keystone's photographers covered the globe recording historic events.

They also photographed local families and businesses, used to illustrate Keystone View Company's classroom stereographic social studies sets.

How Were Keystone View Company's Stereographic Photos Produced?

A special camera with two lenses spaced two-and-a-half inches apart (the distance between the pupils of a person's eyes) took two nearly identical photographs.  When the photos are mounted on a backing and viewed through a stereoscope the viewer's brain is tricked into seeing the two images as one three-dimensional image.

During the Keystone View Company's early years wooden cameras with glass negatives were used.  One of Johnson-Shaw Stereographic Museum's many treasures is an antique stereoscopic camera.

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Johnson-Shaw Stereoscopic
Museum provides our visitors
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Stereographic photography has left an indelible mark on history, eye care and technology.  Now is your opportunity to walk back in time and view the photographic wonders that documented both history's tragedy and whimsy.


April through November
Saturdays 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Open By Appointment Only
Sunday-Friday 10:00 AM to 4:00 PM

Call (814) 720-4306
to arrange for special tour appointment

Email: info@johnsonshawmuseum.org

$5.00 for adults ( 18+ )
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Under 6 - free


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